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Instructions - Part 3

Login to MySolver™

Once you have an active subscription to MySolver™ you can login to the MySolver™ database program.

MySolver™ Login

Step 1:  To login to MySolver™, just click on the Login button. You can login from any page in the web site by just clicking the 'Login' button.

MySolver™ Login screen

Screenshot of the MySolver™ 'Login' screen. (click to enlarge).

Helpful Hint:  Occasionally, you will have to 'Sign In' to your Membership account AND 'Login' to your MySolver™ account. This can happen when you:  initially sign up, change computers, change browsers, or delete your browsing history..

Membership Login

Screenshot of the MySolver™ Login page

Screenshot of the Membership Login page (click to enlarge).

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