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MySolver™ Instructions - Part 1


Solving a difficult problem can be an exhilarating experience. But how do you choose the most direct path to success?

We think the answer is to use step-by-step processes, known as structured analytic methodologies.

One Step at a Time


We designed MySolver™ to break your problem-solving down into short easy steps. Each step is a building block you use to create your problem-solving structure. You just keep building one step at a time as we guide you through the process. And best of all, we've simplified each task so it doesn't require any specialized knowledge or prior training.

Let Us Guide You

Tour guide

MySolver™ will help you effectively analyze your problem. We will guide you through the problem-solving process as you examine your data and dive deep into your own personal thoughts surrounding your unique situation. This can be an inspiring journey, where you not only learn how to solve your problems but you also learn a lot about yourself.

Eureka Moments Ahead!


To ensure that you have the greatest opportunity to find the best solution, we've made our methodology very thorough. Using the MySolver™ program will take time but it's also designed so that you can find some 'eureka moments' along the way. For complex problems, you should expect to spend a few hours to thoroughly analyze your problem and create the best solutions.

The View From 30,000 Feet ...

My home Green Lake

Step 1:  If you haven't done so already, you should become familiar with the General Principles of problem-solving.

Step 2:  You should also be aware that there is more information available in:   FAQ and Detailed Information.

Step 3:  You'll need to become familiar with the layout our Toolkit, too. This is because MySolver™ is integrated with many of the tools in the Toolkit.

Our Toolkit has three major sections:  Analyze the Problem, Create Solutions, and Evaluate Solutions. You can see all the tools (in Toolkit) listed on one page in Navigation - Toolkit.

Step 4:  Our Glossary can be helpful in explaining new terms and definitions.

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