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Hypothesis Generator

Generate hypothetical solutions.


Use our Hypothesis Generator tool to create potential solutions.

A hypothesis is a declarative statement that has not been established as true. It's a potential explanation.

Create Hypothetical Solutions

Step 1:  Identify the Factors, Forces, and Major Categories that are part of your problem.

Helpful Hint:

Take a look at the situational logic inherent in your problem. Pay particular attention to what factors and forces are at work - at a particular time and place.

Step 2:  Determine your key questions using our Key Questions and Starbursting tools. Then find the answers to your high priority questions.

Step 3:  If you haven't already, you may want to get an overview of the tools we've made available to you for generating new ideas. Please take a quick look at the Create Solutions section of our Toolkit.

Step 4:  Think of analogies that have some of the same characteristics as your problem. You may want to use our Analogies and Structured Analogies Matrix tools for help.

Plug in Ideas

Step 5:  Use our Brainstorming tool to create new ideas.

Step 6:  Consider historical examples of how you or others may have solved this type of problem in the past.

Step 7:  From the information that you have developed above - extrapolate potential outcomes.

Step 8:  Create as many alternative solutions as possible.

Step 9:  Use our Multiple Hypothesis Generator tool to redefine and modify:  Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, From Where, and To Where.

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