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Explore excursion worlds for new ideas.

General Guidelines for Excursions:

  • Attempt to get as much distance from the problem as possible.
  • Give some rationale for why an excursion might be helpful.
  • Make the excursion about 5-10 minutes long.

Excursion Worlds - The following are just a few of the worlds that you can be a part of:

Acoustics Dinner Parties Law Racing
Agriculture Dwellings Machines Religion
Animals Economics Magic Rocks
Archaeology Education Mathematics Romance
Architecture Electricity Media Science Fantasy
Art Espionage Medicine Science Fiction
Astronomy Exploration Metalwork Sculpture
Biology Famous People Minerals Shopping
Bridges Farming Models Smells
Cartoons Fashion Money Space Travel
Celebrations Films Movies Sports
Chemistry Finance Music Textiles
Clothes Folk Lore Myths Theatre
Comedy Games Noise Transportation
Computers Gardening Nursing Tribal Customs
Cooking Geology Oceans Vacations
Cosmetics Health Parenting War
Crafts History Plants Weather
Crime Journalism Physics Woodworking
Decoration Kitchen Implements Psychology  

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