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Tools to help you generate solutions.


Identify your goals for successful solutions.

Goals:  Define your goals and objectives.

Analogies and Metaphors

Generate analogies and metaphors to create new ideas.

Analogies:  Generate analogies.

Similarities and Differences:  Compare your problem to an analogy.

Structured Analogies Matrix:  Compare your problem to multiple analogies.

Synectics:  Compare a paradox in your problem to an analogy.

Observed and Merged Viewpoints:  View your problem from varying degrees of detachment.

Metaphors:  Generate metaphors.

Brainstorming and Excursions

Use brainstorming and excursion techniques to create new ideas.

Brainstorming:  Idea generation technique.

Starbursting:  Brainstorming for key questions.

Excursions:  Explore excursion worlds for new ideas.

Role Playing:  Role playing techniques.


Modify existing things to come up with new ideas.

Sequential Attributes Matrix:  Modify a process.

Substitute:  Use substitutions to modify existing things.

Eliminate:  Use eliminations to modify existing things.

Combine:  Use combinations to modify existing things.

Adapt:  Use adaptations to modify existing things.

Exaggerate:  Use exaggerations to modify existing things.

Rearrange:  Use new arrangements to modify existing things.

Reverse:  Use reversals to modify existing things.

Hypotheses, Scenarios, and Indicators

Create hypotheses, scenarios, and indicators.

Hypothesis Generator:  Generate hypothetical solutions.

Multiple Hypothesis Generator:  Generate multiple hypotheses.

Scenarios Matrix:  Analyze your drivers and scenarios.

Indicators:  List of observations to track your scenarios.

Indicators Matrix:  Analyze your indicators and scenarios.


Possible solutions.

Alternatives:  List all potential solutions.

Hotspots:  Identify the relative strength of association between related solutions.

Rival Hypotheses:  A choice of one is not a choice.


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