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Preliminary list of standard 'How' questions.

  • How can you solve the problem?
  • How have you solved similar problems in the past?
  • How can other people solve your problem?
  • How is it currently being done?
  • How can it be improved?
  • How are the factors interacting to produce this result?
  • How can you paraphrase the main issue in this situation?
  • How are identified deficiencies affecting other parts of the problem?
  • How can you transform yourself into the person that can solve the problem?
  • How can you create new ideas?
  • How do you employ the problem-solving tools and techniques?
  • Many or few people? How many people are affected by the problem?
  • General or specific? Is the problem applicable to a broad category or very specific sub-area?
  • Simple or complex? Are there several elements to the problem with complex interactions?
  • Too much or too little? Appears as a surplus or a shortage?
  • Philosophical or surface? Is it an issue with deep values or surface practicalities?
  • Survival or enrichment? Is it a live-or-die issue or one to do with managing quality?
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