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Generate Metaphors.

Metaphors to create new ideas:

Garden Model:  How is the problem or solution like a garden? Vegetative, growing, expansive, fruitful, weedy, nurturing, bug infested, etc.

Machine Model:  How is the problem like a machine? Parts working together, parts worn or broken, energy input or driving force, work output?

Symphony Model:  How like a symphony? Conductor? Harmony? Soloists? Percussion? What is the music they are playing? What orchestrates the interaction of the parts?

Human Body Model:  How like a body? What makes it move? What are the hands, feet, head, mouth, eyes, ears, and nose?

Vehicle Model:  Ship, plane, boat, car, train, blimp, bike, skateboard? What powers it? Who are the passengers? Where is it going? What are its wheels?

Other metaphors useful for modeling are:  Movie-making, an island, sculpting, the ocean, a computer.

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