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Obstacle - Tree Diagram

Create a tree diagram of your obstacles.

An Obstacle - Tree Diagram can help identify and organize obstacles. Understanding your obstacles and their inter-relationships may help you determine ways to remove them.

To create an Obstacle – Tree Diagram:

Step 1:  State your problem.

Step 2:  Identify and list the major obstacles you need to overcome to achieve your goal.

Step 3:  Order your obstacles according to degree of complexity (from simpler to more difficult).

Step 4:  Draw a vertical line down the middle of a sheet of paper. This line represents the tree’s trunk. Write your challenge on this trunk.

Step 5:  Draw diagonal lines to represent the major branches. Write your major obstacles on the main branches.

Step 6:  Write the secondary obstacles as sub-branches to the primary obstacle. Keep creating sub-branches until all obstacles are accounted for in the diagram.

Step 7:  Analyze the branching affect and their interrelationships. Look for clues on how you can remove a whole branch (or obstacle).