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Paraphrase Keywords

Paraphrase the keywords in your problem statement.

To paraphrase the keywords in your problem statement:

Step 1:  Print the latest version of your Problem Statement and your Keywords List.

Step 2:  Highlight each keyword in your problem statement.

Step 3:  Use a Thesaurus to generate as many suitable synonyms or near synonyms for each keyword.

Step 4:  List the words generated by the Thesaurus underneath the appropriate word in your problem statement.

Step 5:  Rewrite your problem statement by replacing keywords.

Step 6:  Try all the different combinations of keywords by swapping them in-and-out.

Step 7:  Look for words that cause distinct shifts in the meaning of the problem statement.

Step 8:  Look for hidden assumptions associated with certain keywords.

Step 9:  Recognize any keywords or phrases that are value-laden or emotionally-loaded. Replaced these with less judgmental language.

Step 10:  Rewrite your Problem Statement in a way that best describes your current thinking.

Step 11:  Add any new keywords to your Keywords List.