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Pros, Cons, and Interesting

Evaluate the good, bad, and interesting points of your solutions.

Pros and Cons

Pros, Cons, and Interesting is an extension of the centuries old – 'Pros and Cons'.

To perform Pros, Cons, and Interesting:

Step 1:  For each one of your Alternatives, create a table with the column headings: 'Pros', 'Cons', and 'Interesting'.

Step 2:  In the column underneath 'Pros', write down all the positive results of taking a course of action.

Step 3:  Underneath the 'Cons', write down all the negative effects.

Step 4:  In the 'Interesting' column, write down the outcomes, effects, or implications that are not either positive or negative.

Step 5:  For each item you have written down, assign a positive or negative score. The scores you assign may be quite subjective.

Step 6:  Add up the scores.

Step 7:  Repeat for each possible solution.

Step 8:  A strongly positive score shows that an action should be considered - a strongly negative score that it should be avoided.

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