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Role Playing

Role playing techniques.

Role Playing

Visualize Your Role:

Many athletes use visualization to rehearse their peak performances. Before attempting a solution, practice your role mentally first. Visualize yourself solving the problem.

Become Another Person Involved in the Situation:

Imagine that you are someone else involved with the problem or the solution.

a) You're the Problem Person:  Imagine that you are the problem person. What makes you behave this way? How would you solve the problem, if you so desired? Why would you want the problem solved? Why don’t you want the problem solved?

b) You're the Solver:  Imagine that you are an expert who can solve the problem with your special knowledge. What do you know? What do you do?

Creative Heroes:

Pretend that real or fictional heroes can help you.

For example, what sort of creative solutions would Leonardo De Vinci give you? What advice would a great thinker like Sun Tzu offer? What steps would Sherlock Holmes take to solve your mystery?

Mental Metamorphosis:

Change yourself into the problem thing. You are the wheel.

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