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Preliminary list of standard 'Who' questions.

  • Who is going to solve the problem?
  • Who are the stakeholders? (Stakeholders are people who have a vested interest in the problem.)
  • Who are the central characters?
  • Who participates in the activities?
  • Who would actually carry out the activities?
  • Who have ownership of the problem?
  • Who have relevant positional responsibility?
  • Who have clear roles in the situation (e.g. family, friends, co-workers, customers, associates, supervisors, etc.)?
  • Who can help you solve the problem?
  • Who do others regard as “important actors”?
  • Who is really involved in the situation?
  • Who is affected by the problem?
  • Who else has the same problem?
  • Who has already solved the problem?
  • Who says it is a problem?
  • Who would like a solution?
  • Who would not like a solution?
  • Who could prevent a solution?
  • Who has sufficient formal power over the system to stop it from existing if they so wished?
  • Who needs it solved more than you?
  • Who is on the receiving end of whatever it is that the system does?
  • Who are the sources of reaction or discontent to what is going on?
  • Who shapes or influences opinions about the issues involved?
  • Who falls into the demographics affected by the problem?
  • Who are the groups involved with the situation?
  • Who are in the areas adjacent to the situation?
  • Who might gain from a resolution of the problem?
  • Who has special strengths?
  • Who has the resources necessary to solve the problem?
  • Who might have access to useful information?
  • Who could be substituted?
  • Who could be eliminated?
  • Who could be combined with others?
  • Who could be adapted?
  • Who could be overstated or understated?
  • Who could be reorganized?
  • Whose roles could be reversed?
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