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Why - Decision Tree Diagram

Diagram a decision tree of the causes.

A Why-Decision Tree is a decision analysis tool that uses a tree-like diagram of decisions and their possible consequences.

To create a Why-Decision Tree Diagram:

Step 1:  State the problem on the left side of a sheet of paper.

Step 2:  Create a decision tree of causes to the right of the problem by asking:

  • A succession of 'Whys' (Why is this happening? Why is it a problem?) regarding the problem.
  • A succession of 'Whys' for each of the possible causes.

Step 3:    Continue the process until each strand of the problem is teased out as far as possible. Use the Five Whys technique.

Step 4:    Analyze the decision tree diagram to identify main issues and to restate the problem in terms of its root causes.