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Benefits of Problem-Solving

 Tuesday, August 27, 2013 


For most people, having their problems disappear would be considered a good thing. Well, probably a really great thing. Woo Hoo! Less stress ... less worrying ... less chaos. But I think there's so much more to problem-solving than just getting rid of those irritating negative situations.

Being able to solve your problems is empowering. It infuses you with the confidence you need in today's highly complex, rapidly changing, and uncertain world. This confidence gives you enthusiasm for taking on new challenges.

Problem-solving makes you feel more secure. You can view your ability to solve problems as a sort of security blanket. In essence, it's a way to help make yourself bullet proof in a sometimes cruel world.

I believe it also gives you freedom. Freedom through self-determination. Freedom through self-expression. When you're able to solve your problems, you're able to move freely out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons.

There's most certainly a self-improvement aspect to problem-solving, too. When you have successfully created a solution, you have direct evidence that you're a growing, evolving person. It's not some theory about how you can improve yourself. It's not some faddish, free good psycho-babble. It's an incontrovertible fact. You solved your problem and you have improved yourself.

Problem-solving can also give you hope. Hope for a more optimistic future. Hope that you can attain your goals and reach for your dreams.

Being able to solve your problems can make you happier. When you solve a problem you also eliminate the stress, anxiety, frustration, and feelings of inadequacy that may come with it.

Yeah, it's nice when you solve a problem and get rid of those nasty irritating negative issues. Good riddance! But remember, at the same time you've been solving your problem, you've also been building up some really beneficial personal traits.

I think the most profound benefit of problem-solving is that it makes you a better person.

by Keith Glein, Founder & CEO