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Use new adaptations to modify existing things.

Adapt Who - Person, people, group, etc.

  • Who can be changed to best fit the situation?
  • Who would be most accepting of change in order to solve this problem?
  • Who can be trained?

Adapt What - Factor, element, part, component, feature, attribute, trait, quality, aspect, characteristic, facet, issue, subject, source, cause, effect, etc.

  • What can be altered?
  • What can be changed?
  • What can be improved?
  • What is similar to this problem that can be copied?
  • What could be copied from another field of study?
  • What could be adapted to this?
  • What could be adapted from this?
  • Are extreme modifications possible?
  • Are there conditions for altered states?
  • Can metamorphosis occur?

Adapt When - Time related, at what time, etc.

  • When is the best time to change?

Adapt Where - Place, location, setting, scene, etc.

  • Where can it be adapted?
  • Where will the changes occur?
  • Will changes occur in more than one place?

Adapt Why - Reason, purpose, cause, etc.

  • Why would you want to change, adapt, or improve things?
  • Why would the costs/benefits from improving things be in your favor?

Adapt How – Process, manner in which something done, etc.

  • How can it be adapted?
  • How can it be altered?
  • How can it be changed?
  • How can it be improved?

Synonyms for “Adapt”:  Alter, Change, Modify, Improve, Enhance, Develop, Build, Stimulate, Convert

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