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Sequential Attributes Matrix

Modify a process.

Sequential Attributes Matrix is a tool for finding ways to modify a process.

To create a Sequential Attributes Matrix table:

Step 1:  Create a table with 8 columns (see diagram below).

Step 2:  List each stage of your process down the left-hand column of the table.

Step 3:  Label the other columns:  'Substitute', 'Eliminate', 'Combine', 'Adapt', 'Exaggerate', 'Rearrange', and 'Reverse'.

Step 4:  Carefully apply the checklist of modifications to each stage. The checklist of modifications are:  Substitute, Eliminate, Combine, Adapt, Exaggerate, Rearrange, and Reverse.

Step 5:  Analyze how modifications might affect the interdependence of the stages.

Step 6:  Study the order and see if it can be changed around in any way.

Step 7:  Select the modifications that show the most promise.

Diagram of a Sequential Attributes Matrix:

Sequential Attributes Matrix Table

Word version of Sequential Attributes Matrix.docx (Click link to download Word version).

Excel version of Sequential Attributes Matrix.xlsx (Click link to download Excel version).

PDF version of Sequential Attributes Matrix.pdf (Click link to download PDF version).

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