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Use exaggerations to modify existing things.

Exaggerate Who - Person, people, group, etc.

  • Whose importance can be magnified / (minimized)?

Exaggerate What - Factor, element, part, component, feature, attribute, trait, quality, aspect, characteristic, facet, issue, subject, source, cause, effect, etc.

  • What can be exaggerated?
  • What can be overstated / (understated)?
  • What can be magnified / (minimized)?
  • What can be made larger / (smaller)?
  • What can be made stronger / (weaker)?
  • What can be extended / (shortened)?

Exaggerate When - Time related, at what time, etc.

  • When can the time frame be exaggerated?
  • When can the frequency be increased or decrease?

Exaggerate Where - Place, location, setting, scene, etc.

  • Is it everywhere / (nowhere)?

Exaggerate Why - Reason, purpose, cause, etc.

  • Can the reasons why be overstated / (understated)?

Exaggerate How – Process, manner in which something done, etc.

  • How can it be exaggerated?
  • How can it be overstated / (understated)?
  • How can it be magnified / (minimized)?
  • How can it be made larger / (smaller)?
  • How can it be made stronger / (weaker)?
  • How can it be extended / (shortened)?
  • How can the scale be exaggerated?
  • How can the scope be exaggerated?
  • How can other contexts be invaded?

Synonyms for “Exaggerate”:  Magnify / (Minimize), Overstate / (Understate), Larger / (Smaller), Increase / (Decrease), Extended / (Reduced), Stretched / (Compressed), Expand / (Contract), Aggrandize, Multiple, Re-size

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