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Relational Words

Combine your keywords with relational words.

Step 1:  Take a pair of keywords from your Keywords List and combine them with the relational words below (experiment various combinations).

Step 2:  Look for combinations of keywords and relational words that might suggest idea stimulating variants.

Step 3:  Write down new combinations keywords and relational words that are interesting.

Step 4:  Substitute new combinations keywords and relational words into your Problem Statement. Do the new variants change your view of the problem? The implications of the problem? The very nature or essence of the problem itself?

Step 5:  Use the Relational Words tool in combination with the Paraphrase Keywords tool.

Relational Words:

about below near then
above beneath not though
across beside now through
after between of throughout
against beyond off to
along but on toward
amid by opposite under
among down or up
and during out upon
around except over when
as for past where
at from round while
because if since with
before in so within
behind into still without