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Use substitutions to modify existing things.

Substitute Who - Person, people, group, etc.

  • Who else instead of them?

Substitute What - Factor, element, part, component, feature, attribute, trait, quality, aspect, characteristic, facet, issue, subject, source, cause, effect, etc.

  • What can be substituted?
  • What other parts instead of these?
  • What might be improved by substituting?
  • What else might change as a result of substituting?
  • What would not change as a result of substituting?

Substitute When - Time related, at what time, etc.

  • When else could this happen?

Substitute Where - Place, location, setting, scene, etc.

  • Where else could this take place?

Substitute Why - Reason, purpose, cause, etc.

  • Why else instead of the known reasons?

Substitute How – Process, manner in which something done, etc.

  • How else instead of this way?
  • How might you do it other than the stated way?
  • How might another process work?
  • How might you substitute a procedure?
  • How might you substitute an approach?
  • How can you find something to substitute?

Synonyms for “Substitute”:  Replace, Switch, Use Instead, Alternate

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