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Well-Being of the Whole

Rank alternatives by their contribution to the well-being of the whole.

Well Being

Step 1:  List your Alternatives.

Step 2:  Who is included in the whole? To determine the people or groups who you might want to consider to be part of the 'whole', go to Who, Personal Gains and Losses, and Stakeholder Analysis.

Helpful Hint:

Who you include in your 'whole' is a purely subjective determination but one that deserves some thought. An analogy might be a tribe. Your immediate family may be your primary consideration but in some circumstances your extended family could be effected, too. The entire tribe may also enter into your decision-making, if your decision effects the whole tribe.

Step 3:  What contribution does each alternative make to the emotional well-being of the whole?

Step 4:  What contribution does each alternative make to the overall well-being of the whole?

Step 5:  Rank your alternatives

Step 6:  Which alternative will bring the highest level of well-being to the whole?